Dish Latino

Dish Latino


DISH Latino, has the best and most economical offers with 5 different packages. For a limited time, you can get these great prices and get over 255 channels geared to the Latino in the US. Don’t waste a moment more, call Dish Latino and enjoy all the great Spanish and English channels available. Regardless of your interest, there are great Latino channels and Latino programs waiting for you.

With DISH Latino, you can have access to a huge quantity of the latest movie releases, classic movies, and cartoons for children, music, and of course sports channels AND Futbol! It doesn’t matter where you are from, with Dish Network Latino you will find your favorite programs from Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela and more. With Dish Latino, you can’t lose. Call today to take advantage of these great prices that are only available for a limited time! Call Dish Latino at 866-443-8781.

We appreciate our Latino customers and want to offer them the best in Latino TV programming. Dish Latino is thrilled to provide our customers Spanish language channels packages like Dish Latino Basic (Dish Mexico), Dish Latino Plus, Dish Latino Dos, Dish Latino Classic, Dish Latino Max. Please visit anyone of these pages to find out which Dish Latino package is the best for your family.

Catering to customers who seek programming in foreign languages is a point of pride for DISH Network®. DISH Network Latino is thrilled to provide movies, sports, family programming and more in multiple languages. Customers enjoy Spanish language channel packages like Dish Latino DosDishLATINO Plus, and DishLATINO Max, which provide a wide variety of channels in HD.


Dish Latino has the best and most affordable offers available with 5 different packages. For a limited time you can take advantage of these reduced prices and get up to 255 channels customized for Latinos that live in the US. Don’t wait a moment longer.

Traditionally the most popular Dish Latino package is Dish Mexico. Dish Mexico is the lowest priced package for Spanish speakers in the US. Dish Mexico has great international programming, especially for the Mexican Latinos in the US. With the Dish Mexico TV Package, you can enjoy your favorite telenovelas, movies, keep up with the latest news, familiarize your children with Mexican culture through our children programming, and never miss a futbol (soccer) game! Today the Dish Mexico package is now referred to as Dish Basico, since it is the most basic of all the packages, and a great place to start when choosing the best package for your family.


Looking for the best TV Channels in Spanish? Find out more about the new networks available through Dish Latino: Univision DeportesUnivision Noticias and Univision Novelas.

Whatever your interest, we have the right package for you. Contact Dish Latino today!

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